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Monday, 10 August 2009

Shop for Charity

Tomorrow I'm meeting a friend in Starbucks for an afternoon of coffee and trawling the charity shops. It all sounds terribly vintage and Soho-Chic
Charity-Shopping is one of my favorite hobbies at the moment; it makes for a fun-filled time while being all for charity! (not including the coffee of course, but after all that do-good shopping I think we'll deserve one!)
Many of us have had to cut back due to the recession, but there's no need to stop shopping, and besides; if anything charity-shopping is more fun that hitting the High Street as you never know quite what you'll find, and when you do find something its always a happy thought to remember how much of a bargain you got it for! For example; a while ago I found some lovely cashmere-blend Gucci trousers, in brilliant condition, for just £7 in Scope! Other purchases include a Benetton wool jumper for £4, a Russel and Bromely leather tote for £1 and a Tommy Hilfiger striped top for £3.75... so get bargain hunting!

Charity shopping is also better value than vintage because the items are donated to the charity so, since whatever they sell it for will be a profit, they can keep the prices low.
Another reason for charity-shopping this season in particular is that, with the heritage trend sweeping the nation, you're very likely to find what you want as tweed, argyle and blazer styles are always plentiful in charity shops.
So Charity-Shopping = An amazingly cheap, exciting, feel-good and fun adventure

Happy Charity-Shopping!

Love, Fashionista

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